Seeing The People Behind the Transformers Voices Might Just Blow your Mind

As the technology behind movies continues to evolve, we really get to see some insane ...

As the technology behind movies continues to evolve, we really get to see some insane things happening on the screen in front of us. While it might seem like the movies are getting pretty expensive, you have to consider that you aren’t just buying the right to be able to sit in on the movie and see it on a massive screen but also the ability to completely escape from the real world for an hour or two if they made the movie right. With the best of the best movies, you’re able to completely escape from reality and take on another reality for a little bit that allows you to get out of the daily grind and avert your attention into a fantasy land.

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One movie that really managed to do this well, at least if you ask the critics, was the original Transformers film. It seems to be the most enjoyed of the bunch and definitely threw us into some sort of unexpected love affair as people never thought that the toy that they played with as kids could make any sort of decent movie. If the box office numbers say anything about it, well, they were completely wrong as the franchise has really skyrocketed and led to a whole plethora of sequels.

This time, we take a little bit of a dive into one of the clips that shows you exactly how this movie magic is created in the first place. It might seem like a detail that you might not think about as a viewer but being able to get those robot voices perfect had to be quite a task. With this video that we managed to dig up, you’re able to see the voices behind the robots and how exactly they go about making that sound that comes out in the finished product just perfect.

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