SEMA 2015 – Big Block Monster

SEMA 2015 – Big Block Monster5X entries are live, for this CTS-V or $50,000 in ...

SEMA 2015 – Big Block Monster

5X entries are live, for this CTS-V or $50,000 in CASH!
less than 5 days left to enter, so shop now and get entered!!!

Luis Correa’s ’69 Camaro is an interesting build. It isn’t your common ProTouring build and it isn’t a typical 80’s-style ProStreet build. First I may want to explain. ProStreet is a popular fad that developed in the 70’s but became popular in the 80’s. The cars were pretty street cars that were very close to drag cars. They mainly tried to look like drag cars without having the proper suspension and gearing setups to run the strip. ProTouring is a style that branched off of that in the early 2000’s. These cars are meant to be good at everything, but these is a large focus on autocross and road racing. The general goal is to build a car that you could drive daily and then take to the local road course on the weekend and thrash, then drive home. They are the swiss army knives of the classic car world. They also generally have more modern amenities than you would expect. Luis has taken these and kind of morphed them into his own style.


High Gear Customs in Flint, Texas built the car for Luis. They took it from start to end and executed it great. It sits great thanks to a ladder bar and 4-link in the back and QA1 Coilovers all around. He had a set of Weld Racing Wheels that looked great until a few days ago. He got a call from Kompression Wheels who wanted to hook him up with a set of their wheels in 24×15″ for the back of his car and a matching skinny set up front. Part of this agreement was for him to bring the car to SEMA 2015 in Vegas and showcase it for them. This car looks the part, but it also performs.

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Even with the giant contact patch out back, this first-gen can still light the back tires up at any time. The powerplant is a 632-cube big-block Chevy with multi-port fuel injection. This combo is good for 850 horsepower. I love the clear air cleaner Luis used to show off that big throttle-body.

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The bridging the gap between the two genres continue inside. The interior has a lot of many amenities but still has a roll cage and giant tubs that required removal of the rear seat. It still looks kind of comfy inside. It looks like a place that I would want to be. ProStreet cars are not built to be comfy. They are built to be loud and look fast.

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This car is the ProStreet of 2015. If you like them fat in the back, this is the way to build a car. The Camaro will be at SEMA 2015 in the Platinum Lot. If you get a chance, check it out! If not, here’s a quick preview video High Gear Customs did to tease everybody. Luis told me that after SEMA they’ll do a burnout video for us. I’ll be waiting…


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