SEMA 2017: Factory Five Racing LS3-Powered ’33 Hot Rod

On display at the SEMA Show, every year, are some of the most insane creations from ...

On display at the SEMA Show, every year, are some of the most insane creations from around the country and even the world sometimes as creators and builders really get a great platform to offer up their best of the best when it comes to their work.

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Builders really bring their A-game to try and show off to some of the biggest names that the industry has to offer and the 2017 version of the show was certainly no different as just about everybody put on their best face, broke out the polish, and load up before rolling to Las Vegas for the show that they have been working so hard all year to put together a machine for.

In this video, we stop by the Factory Five racing booth with Power Automedia to check out a machine that started off life as a kit car and eventually became something incredibly special. According to the builder here, they just wanted to show off some of the parts by putting together an incredible machine that would simultaneously show people that they could do it too with the parts that the company offers. If you’re looking to get more exposure for your brand and sell some parts, we’d venture to think that this is the best place that you could possibly accomplish such a deed.

Follow along in the video below to learn exactly how this vehicle came together and how much elbow grease was involved in putting this beautiful piece of rolling artwork together and making it pop off of the canvas. Even though it looks like a showpiece that wouldn’t be obtainable by the average guy, this thing really isn’t all that complicated to obtain, especially when you consider that there is an LS powerplant hanging out under where the hood would be on a normal car.

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