SEMA Special: Street Outlaws’ Kamikaze and his El Camino

When it comes to cars that you see barreling down the road on Street Outlaws, they ...

When it comes to cars that you see barreling down the road on Street Outlaws, they are truly impressive machines and we definitely get the chance to see some of the fastest street raced cars in the world go at it. Each competitor is always trying to do better, working on their cars, making not only minor tweaks and changes but also implementing new hardware to try and get to the front of the pack. These builds could be kind of difficult to keep up with but when you see all of the work that these guys put into their machines, you can’t help but be impressed.

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This time, we take a ride to the one and only SEMA show to see exactly what Kamikaze Chris and his Chevrolet El Camino are all about. You have seen this car making its rounds on the streets and at no prep races around the country but what exactly is making it go? With this rundown, we get the chance to see not only what is currently is under the hood but hear a little bit about the changes that Chris has been making along the way, hoping to find that magical concoction of factors that’ll make this car rocket past the rest when it comes time to throw down on the streets.

Listen in to hear about the most impressive facets of the Elco pictured here, that Chris says that it has never been inside a shop. We aren’t saying that there’s anything wrong with taking your car to a shop to have work done on it but there’s just something about a machine that was built completely in someone’s own garage or driveway that really adds a layer of impressiveness to the equation. Be sure to tell us what you think of this stellar Chevy!

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