Semi Truck Drivers Beware: Many are Talking About These Trucks and how they Might not be Safe Enough for the Drivers.

On August 26th of 2014, IMMI demonstrated the important of seat belt safety by ...

On August 26th of 2014, IMMI demonstrated the important of seat belt safety by crashing the cab of a large semi-truck head-on into the largest barrier block in the world. The passenger ATD (test dummy) was not wearing a seat belt.

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With all of the size and weight behind a semi truck, there isn’t too much happening to the occupants if the rig gets into a tangle with other motorists. The same can’t be said however if this seemingly unstoppable force collides with an immovable object.

We see what exactly would happen in such a situation when IMMI put a semi truck to the test in order to demonstrate the importance of wearing your seatbelt!

Check out the video of the crash test below as the test dummy isn’t strapped in for safety and goes flying even though he’s surrounded by thousands of pounds of steel. We thought it would hold up a little better, but that truckcrumbles just like a cookie!

A test like this should put semi-truck drivers on notice if they weren’t already. While handling such a massive amount of steel, there is great responsibility at your fingertips, not only for your own safety, but also for the safety of others.

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