SEMI truck driver picks the worst time to make a U-turn

Driving a truck with a trailer alone could be a challenge, so just imagine how ...

Driving a truck with a trailer alone could be a challenge, so just imagine how difficult it is to judge the area around your rig when it comes to driving a semi truck in a tight area. This driver looks like he could either use a little bit more sleep or a little bit more practice, perhaps both.

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We watch from a following truck as the dashcam is rolling when the truck in question comes into a rest stop and attempts to make a U-turn at just about the worst possible time. It’s a cringeworthy situation as the driver simply cuts it way too hard for the turn at hand where there isn’t enough space.

On the inside of the turn is a newer pickup truck with a camper attached and the combo never stood a chance as the big rig slowly carves into the front end of the pickup and does some big-time damage. We kind of feel for all parties involved here because this is just a really ugly situation to get wrapped up in.

Check out the video below that showcases the incident for all to see. We bet that that big rig driver is going to have an extra vigilant eye every time they make a turn from now on.

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