Seven Person Boat Crash – BRUTAL Hit Throws People Around!

Seven Person Boat Crash – BRUTAL Hit Throws People Around!The Last CTS-V3 ...

Seven Person Boat Crash – BRUTAL Hit Throws People Around!

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While it might seem like you’re safer out on the water, in the middle of nothing other than a bunch of liquid, the exact opposite can be true!

When you’re out operating a power boat, if you don’t watch your back, the water beneath you will hit you like a brick wall if you happen to step out of line.

This time, we check out a video that’s painful to watch as a couple of folks who are just looking to catch some sun rays end up catching a face rearrangement instead.

Check out the video below as the boat launches off of a wave and ends up plowing into another which sends the occupants flying across the deck and planting down hard! This looks like it’s super painful.



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