Shawn Gets Emotional on Big Chief When New Murder Nova isn’t Ready For Race Night

To those who have a critical eye from outside of the sport of drag racing while ...

To those who have a critical eye from outside of the sport of drag racing while having never competed, it can be easy to think that it’s simple and straightforward. If you have ever competed in any such race, though, you might get kind of frustrated with those who have absolutely no clue as to what it’s really like telling you all about how going in a straight line is nice and simple. However, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. For those who don’t really know much about the sport of drag racing, I think that if they were to live in the shoes of a racer for a while, that they would see exactly how much effort goes into that stint on the drag strip, even if the payoff only lasts for a couple of seconds.

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This time, we get an in-depth look behind-the-scenes that took Big Chief and Shawn from Street Outlaws on an emotional journey that might just dial you into how much effort goes into some of these cars. The storyline here is right before Shawn’s new car, the latest version of Murder Nova, is ready to hit the streets. As they outlined in the video, the machine wasn’t quite ready and all of the stress has been building up and Shawn is really feeling like he’s at his breaking point, or so it would seem, the point where every racer wonders if it’s even all worth it. Even after the car had been constructed, there was still so much left to go in order to get this thing race ready and as someone who has raced on a much lesser level, I can really attest to the fact that it can feel like a big weight on your shoulders, especially in a situation like this where the lights are shining bright as you have sponsors, fans, and cameras all bearing down on you.

If you follow along in the video below, you get the opportunity to live through what would promise to be quite the emotional moment as Shawn really was questioning some of the things with his new vehicle and resorted back to playing around with the old Murder Nova for the time being, something I don’t think either him or chief really wanted to get into at all. As a racer, this is really something that you can identify with and that’s a fan, well, getting this sort of keen insight should go a long way toward framing how hard these guys work in such a way that you can appreciate it even more.

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