Shirtless Man Steals Cop Car Right in Front of a Security Camera!

We aren’t sure if this guy is ballsy or stupid, but we’re certainly glad ...

We aren’t sure if this guy is ballsy or stupid, but we’re certainly glad to see some better quality surveillance footage than usual that shows the details of exactly what this thief did.

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There’s not much to tell other than to just watch the video. This shirtless, tattooed man literally just walks up, tries the door, which unfortunately for the officer is unlocked, steps in and slowly backs out of the convenience store parking spot. He leaves so slowly, in fact, that it almost seems as if he’s hoping to get caught, or perhaps he just didn’t want to make a scene and draw attention to himself.

Either way, this guy is ridiculously brave or painfully stupid, but we are just glad it was caught on video for us to watch over and over!

FIRST ON 13: A shirtless man is caught on surveillance camera stealing a Harris County Precinct 6 deputy constable's SUV. ABC13-Jeff Ehling has been covering the story all morning and has the the latest details–>

Posted by ABC13 Houston on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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