Shooting up a Bulletproof Tesla to See How Well it Works

The automotive industry is pumping out some serious vehicles these days. With the way ...

The automotive industry is pumping out some serious vehicles these days. With the way that technology is quickly improving, cars will do everything from driving themselves to talking to us. Take a minute to absorb that little tidbit of reality. However, no matter how cool the features on a specific car or truck, sometimes, a consumer needs a little bit extra. Some automotive consumers might just have needs that the manufacturers aren’t capable of meeting. Luckily, there are folks willing to step in to help with just this dilemma. It can come from utility to protection and everything in between. If someone wants it, there’s someone else that’ll take their money to create it.

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This time, we check out what otherwise looks like your typical Tesla Model S. As you can probably imagine, though, this Tesla is anything but average. Instead, the car is hooked up to the nines in order to protect the occupants from incoming threats. With specialized glass and paneling, the car is able to repel handgun rounds. No matter where it’s shot, in theory, Tesla should be able to stop the bullet. With an upgraded package that this owner skipped out on, the car would even be able to repel bigger rifles.

With a curiosity that we can’t help but love, YouTuber, JerryRigEverything, decided to see just how bulletproof the Tesla is. By following along with the journey, we get to see what 430 lb worth of bulletproof is able to accomplish. It’s all done with a Glock 19 9mm handgun and hollowpoint 9mm bullets. In case anyone was wondering, the heavier armor weighs in at about 700-800 lb. Is this something that’s practical for most people? Probably not. The bulletproofing process is usually rather expensive. However, it really seems like something that tons of folks are going to be adding to their wishlist.

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