Showing Off Gordon Ramsay’s $10 Million Ferrari Collection

It seems as if Gordon Ramsay has almost become a household name at this point. ...

It seems as if Gordon Ramsay has almost become a household name at this point. However, we’re not sure that everybody is entirely aware of what he does. Most people know him as the angry guy from the memes screaming about food in some capacity.

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For all intents and purposes, that’s somewhat correct. However, it doesn’t exactly spell out the entire story of Ramsay’s rise to fame. After all, being an angry meme isn’t likely to hold the status of a household name for as long as Ramsay has.

In addition to being an angry meme, Gordon Ramsay also has dug into quite a variety of other ventures. As it turns out, he has turned his love of food into an entire platform that has hosted several different ways of making an income. Among these streams of income, we find that he’s also become a reality star, restaurateur, writer, and food critic. Using his personality and fame as a platform, a series of successful restaurants have really caught on for Ramsay.

On the back of these ventures, we’ve found that the chef has managed to amount quite the mound of wealth. According to this, he is worth the sum of $220 million. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell how some of these sources gather their data and we’ve found that sometimes it’s a bit inaccurate. However, with Ramsay’s collection of Ferraris, that number doesn’t seem too crazy.

As it turns out, the food connoisseur has quite a passion for Ferraris. Last year, we had run a story about one of his latest purchases in a $2 million Ferrari Monza SP2. In addition, he has even found a place in his garage for the likes of a LaFerrari and several others. That doesn’t even include the other supercar brands represented in Ramsay’s collection.

By following along with the video below, we get the entire scope of what the collection Is all about. You know that you’ve really made it when the question isn’t “Should I take the Ferrari out?” but instead, “Which Ferrari should I take out?”

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