Siamese Car Racing Is The Strangest Thing You Never Needed To Know About

In racing, over the years, we have seen a lot of different formats come and go. When ...

In racing, over the years, we have seen a lot of different formats come and go. When people try to get creative and do something new, sometimes, the result is something that’s completely off-the-wall and crazy that makes you really scratch your head and think about it for a while. However, every once in a while, some of the wackiest ways of competing out there on a racing surface of your choice can get rather interesting and make you completely immerse yourself in the race to see exactly how it ends up unfolding.

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This time, we join in with a phenomenon that’s known as Siamese car racing. If it sounds odd to you that’s probably because you’re a part of the vast majority that has never heard of this rather unknown variant of motorsport. So what is it that makes this form of racing different than any other? Well, you see, upon first glance things might not exactly seem normal to you as cars in this race are mounted atop one another like a double-decker┬ábus and these so-called “Siamese cars” go up against one another in an otherwise normal race… kind of. The one slight detail that really changes the landscape here is that it just so happens that the driver who is steering is sitting in the top car and in the bottom, you have the competitor who’s controlling the gas and brakes.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be exposed to the magic that comes about as a result of such an obscure combination. This one does end up being pretty tough to wrap your mind around so luckily, the visual can help you picture it a little bit better. This isn’t necessarily something that looks like the safest form of racing but I think you’ll be lying if you said that you weren’t the least bit entertained by what this kind of race has to offer.

Siamese Car Racing

In Siamese car racing, the driver in the top car controls the steering, while the driver in the bottom car controls the throttle. It makes for some seriously fun-to-watch entertainment. (Credit: Conus Archives via Getty Images.)

Posted by Road & Track Magazine on Thursday, June 7, 2018

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