Silverado On Tracks Drives Into The Surf, Pulls Out Massive Boat

When it comes to picking out just the right truck to do the job that you need it to, ...

When it comes to picking out just the right truck to do the job that you need it to, there are plenty of options that one could elect to go with. Whether you’re looking for something to do a bit of light duty hauling, would prefer to have a brute of a machine that can tackle some pretty serious loads, or want to fall somewhere in between, we’re sure that there’s something out there on the market for you and if there isn’t something that’s exactly right, you can always elect to go the route of a little bit of aftermarket modification to get to the vehicle that dreams are made of.

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This time, we catch up with a Chevrolet Silverado that, while maybe not the most practical truck when it comes to regular driving, certainly does look like it has more than its fair share of utility on tap. As the wheels have been replaced with a set of tracks, the truck is able to go where most other trucks wouldn’t dare, simply out of the threat of sinking into the sand. Not only does it venture out into the surf, but once it’s there, a pretty substantial load is strapped to the back and forces this Chevy to show even more of what it’s worth.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly how this tracked monster puts most other trucks to shame, at least when it comes to retrieving a rather large center console with a triple axle trailer. If you’re a truck owner, you might not want to watch too closely because this sand dominating rig is sure to put the vast majority of other trucks that you’ll find out there to shame! This thing has more muscle than most would know what to do with!

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