Massive Sinking Boat Launch Fail Gets Worse by the Second

Sometimes, things just don’t go the right way. Anybody that has been through ...

Sometimes, things just don’t go the right way. Anybody that has been through life in any respect realizes this. At times, we can seem to face situations where the world seems to be against us. As if it weren’t bad enough to start out with, these situations can tend tumble into an even bigger ball of wax. One place where this is probably pretty common is the boat ramp. Things happened so quickly there that if someone isn’t on their toes and prepared for any situation, things could go very poorly. When things do go poorly at the boat ramp, they get pretty expensive and could potentially injure somebody.

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This time, we head to the boat ramp at Black Point Marina. To kick things off, the person behind this one seems to be having a bad day to begin with. It looks like they wanted to go and launch their boat to have a nice day on the water. However, trailer issues would keep the boat out of the water, or so they thought. Eventually, a flatbed would show up to tow the trailer and the boat to a different location for repair. However, when the operator of the flatbread deemed it unsafe, they would try to launch the boat right off of the flatbed. This is where things immediately took a sharp pivot for the worse.

The video below shows the situation that will make just about any boat enthusiast cringe. From the very moment that the water started coming over the back of the boat, we would think that most folks would call it quits and pull it back out of the water. However, this one just kept getting deeper. Eventually, it got to the point where the boat was almost halfway filled with water and people had to stand on it in order to keep it from tipping over. This guy is probably best off chalking this one up to a learning experience and trying to have a little bit more patience in the future.

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