Sitting Duck Gets NAILED on California Freeway, Cameraman Risks Life to Help

Sometimes, situations pop up that are just impossible to avoid and this one looks to ...

Sometimes, situations pop up that are just impossible to avoid and this one looks to be one of those times when things got pretty bad and climaxed in a hurry without much time to react. As you could imagine, on a busy California freeway, the last thing that you want to happen is to be stranded without any power to your vehicle or lights to guide your way. However, for the driver of this Ford Explorer, unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened as the vehicle would found its way to get trapped in a bad situation, leaving drivers to be thrust into the situation without having mcuh opportunity to be able to see what was in front of them as they blindly rocketed their way into the predicament.

Video cameras captured the entire thing as multiple news outlets were on location to wait for someone to show up and get to the rescue, however, as rescue would come a little bit late, we would instead see several vehicles clip the car that was stopped and one would make full-on contact, causing quite the eruption of fire. It has to be quite the helpless feeling as bystanders could do nothing but sit and watch as cars would keep coming and all that they could do was really hope for the best. However, in the wake of the collision, we did see one news member hop to action to successfully pull someone out of the vehicle.

We’re told that after it all went down, no life-threatening injuries had occurred, however, thanks to the bravery exhibited by this bystander, someone who would otherwise have been trapped in the car was helped out so that they could get themselves free of the flaming wreckage.

It takes a special kind of person to run out of into a busy highway and help in a situation like this so we have to give a hats off to the unnamed member of the media who went out there and put their life on the line to help out another human being.

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