Skilled Pilot Performs Wild Landing! Serious Skills!

This is a sketchy landing if we’ve ever seen one!Enter to win this 850hp ...

This is a sketchy landing if we’ve ever seen one!

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This airport, situated in what appears to be a crater in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, requires some ridiculous maneuvering just to get lined up with the single narrow runway, including a tight turn inside the nearby mountains. Once the angle of approach is lined up, the pilot has to make an extremely low approach, seemingly a few feet above the terrain before sitting down as early as possible on the short runway. The locals obviously know this approach is a spectacle, as there are quite a few of them gathered just a few hundred feet from the runway to watch the approach and landing.

This pilot definitely earned his pay with this approach, which went flawlessly. There’s no doubt he and his co-pilot needed all of their training and experience to make this landing look this effortless.

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