Smack Talking Ricer Gets Owned

Smack Talking Ricer Gets Owned* * * enter to win this 1100hp widebody redeye hellcat ...

Smack Talking Ricer Gets Owned

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If you decide that you want to start flapping your jaw, it might be alright, but you have to have the muscle to back it up when your target bites back.

This time, it looks like the jaw flapper in question wasn’t ready for the guy that he was talking smack at to retaliate with that much force!

These guys take it out to the streets in their Honda Civics for a little bit of side by side racing that ends with somebody eathing their words after getting a nice good beat down.

Check out the video below that shows someone who isn’t a huge fan of all of the talk retaliating in a major way after letting the smack talker in question get a sizable jump!

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