Small Tire No Prep Legend Boost 12 Nearly Gets Taken Out by an S-10 – HARD CRASH

While most of America thinks of a certain yellow Mustang when they think of small ...

While most of America thinks of a certain yellow Mustang when they think of small tire no prep badasses, there’s another Mustang that’s been very well known in the no prep world for being damn near unbeatable at times on small tires.

Boost12, owned and driven by Chicago native Joey Rabiola, has been very well known in what used to be a fairly well-kept secret known as no prep. While this niche of the racing world has exploded into the mainstream over the past few years, no prep has been a “thing” for many many years. Chicago has been one of the hotbeds for this type of racing, especially when the legendary KOTS – that stands for King of the Streets, for those who don’t know – series brought some of the biggest street racers in the region, and eventually the country, together at Great Lakes Dragway to crown their king.

Boost12 has always been one of the quickest cars on small tires in the KOTS series, and as the car has traveled around the nation, it’s held it own against countless challengers to stand as a force to be reckoned with. If you ever look over and see this car in the other lane, just know you’re in for a hell of a fight.

During a recent filming for the Street Outlaws spinoff, No Prep Kings, Rabiola and crew made the trip down from Chitown to Memphis International Raceway to take on all small tire competitors for a shot at the winner’s share of the prize money and a little TV time. Joey lined up alongside the S10 driven by Steven McNabb for what should have been a great side-by-side race. However, it appears that Rabiola had a little trouble getting the car to build boost and it left very soft, while McNabb had no issues laughing his nitrous-assisted S10. McNabb pulled away hard to take the win, but fought to keep the S10 in his lane, eventually losing control and crossing over, missing a hard-charging Boost12 by only a couple of feet before slamming nose-first into the opposite lane retaining wall.

McNabb was uninjured, but his S10 took a hard head-on shot and will likely be down for. This was a close call that could have been far worse if the two cars had tangled, but luckily nobody was injured and we assume McNabb will rebuild his S10 and be back after it soon!



Boost 12 gets by safe but that could have been bad. Luckily Steven McNabb was unharmed but was a hard hit! What do you think? Tag a friend see what they think.#fordmustang #mustanggt #mustangfanclub #stang #roush #mustanglife #s197 #cobra #gt500 #shelby #nitrous #dragrace #streetcar #autocross #chevelle #hotrods #turbocharged #supercharger #camaro #pontiac #авария #accident #wreck #fails #дтп #дпс #fail #formula1 #авто #supercross

Posted by 6sixty2 Racing on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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