Smoke Em If You Got Em! No Mercy 9 Preview Promises The Best Radial Tire Racing Of The Year

Boys and girls, we are officially within a week of what many consider to be the ...

Boys and girls, we are officially within a week of what many consider to be the baddest radial race on the planet. Duck X Productions puts on their pair of small tire shootouts, Lights Out in the spring and No Mercy in the fall, bringing racers and fans from across the country to South Georgia Motorsports Park.

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While Lights Out may draw more cars, being early in the season when many cars and combos are fresh and ready to go for the year, No Mercy brings out the guys who have battled it out all season and survived, and want to go out with a bang – and a nice fat $50,000 payday. And don’t take this to mean the car count at No Mercy will be small, there will literally be hundreds of cars on the property across several ultra-competitive classes, and tens of thousands of spectators making the trek to watch the badasses of the small tire world go head-to-head.

For as long as Duck and Company have been putting on these races, Hans Pierre Jr of Free Life Films has been on the all, capturing quite literally all of the action. For as long as I’ve personally been following radial racing, Hans has been the go-to guy for video from these events, working tirelessly – again, very literally – from as early as Tuesday before the race until the Monday after to make sure he doesn’t miss anything that happens. He posts up all sorts of highlights on his YouTube channel and sells DVD’s with the full event from testing through the final round.

Part of Hans’ contribution to the sport as a videographer is that he can put together hype videos like this one, featuring nothing but three-plus minutes of badass small tire hotrods laying down some fresh, hot rubber on the SGMP starting line. If watching a bunch of burnouts doesn’t get your blood flowing, you may need to see a doctor! We can’t wait to head to SGMP ourselves to check out all the action starting next Wednesday. If you can’t make it to the race yourself, be sure to check out the live feed, hosted this year by Speed Video, and hit up Free Life Films to purchase the event DVD as well!

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