Snow And Hills Do Not Mix… Huge Pile-Up In Suburban Neighborhood!

With much of the country getting it’s first taste of snow for the year this weekend, ...

With much of the country getting it’s first taste of snow for the year this weekend, this video is a great reminder of what not to do when there is snow and ice on the road. It seems these motorists were caught off guard by an unexpected snowfall, leaving them to face off with an icy road that is basically a slide for your ride.

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We aren’t sure if the guy who shot this footage is one of the victims of the ongoing pileup of cars or if he just happens to live nearby, but we’re certainly glad he was there with a camera to capture this melee in all its bone-jarring glory. The footage is sped up, but we’re not trying to pass it off as real time footage, since it would be weird to have Alvin and the Chipmunks narrating a crash video. Speeding things up just allows us to see more of this chaos in a shorter time, it’s pretty obvious what we’re seeing actually took place, just a little faster.

While the whole video is must-see, there are a few moments that really stand out as notable. The very first impact we see is actually one of the hardest in the video, a sedan slamming into another car that’s already been involved in the slipping and sliding. Just moments later, a full size Chevy Silverado loses traction and slides down the hill, slamming into the same car the sedan bounced off of. Almost on cue, a Jeep follows suit, slipping back down the hill and into the front of the Silverado.

Since we’re pretty sure nobody was injured in this melee, it’s easier to laugh at the people who continue to think they can make it up the hill when nobody else has been able to, and then panic and don’t know what to do when their car begins sliding back down. Hopefully everybody involved learned a valuable lesson about not trying to climb hills in the snow without either a great all wheel drive system or some good snow tires or chains.

Are you guys ready for this????

Posted by 500Plus HP For Sale on Thursday, December 15, 2016

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