Soldiers Use TOW Missile To Take Out Mock Russian BMP – M41A7 TOW Improved Target Acquisition System

Our soldiers have some of the most advanced weapons to ever exist at their disposal ...

Our soldiers have some of the most advanced weapons to ever exist at their disposal to help them take out the enemies of our nation without putting themselves in any more danger than is absolutely necessary. One of the most amazing weapons to watch in action is this TOW missile launcher, a vehicle mounted launcher that used onboard guidance and imaging to acquire and strike the targets, even at extremely long range.

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The launcher’s imaging system utilizes forward-looking infrared technology and a host of computing power to keep the image stable while the soldier readies the launcher to fire, then trigger the launcher and fire the projectile, which can be either a .50 caliber round, a MK-19 grenade, or any of the TOW family of missile projectiles. It’s amazing to see the system in action, watching one soldier find the target and lock in on it with the hand-held imager, then give the gunner the all clear to launch. When he pulls the trigger, the imager follows the projectile as it seeks out the target. It looks a lot like something you’d see in a futuristic Call of Duty-type video game.

This weapon is the just the latest in a series of launchers that offer our men and women in uniform the ability to strike targets from a great enough distance to keep themselves out of harms way. Using GPS technology in conjunction with laser rangefinders, the weapon has proven itself incredibly accurate, as you can see in the video below.

We love sharing videos of our military technology and the ways our soldiers keep us safe and protect our interests around the world. As the most powerful military on earth, it helps us sleep at night knowing we have the best of the best when it comes to equipment and personnel available. We thank each and every soldier, past and present, for their selflessness and sacrifice.

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