Some Of The Wildest Dirt Drag Vehicles We’ve Ever Seen

We’re just like most of you guys and gals out there in the sense that if something ...

We’re just like most of you guys and gals out there in the sense that if something goes fast, makes a lot of noise, and looks cool, we’re pretty much into it, regardless of whether or not it falls under the heading “conventional” or “typical”. These are certainly neither of those things, but we’ll fight you if you try to tell us they aren’t cool!

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To some, it’s counterproductive to build a big, powerful engine and stuff it in a lightweight chassis, only to turn around and give up one of the biggest factors in going fast: traction. However, that’s exactly what these guys have done, at least in the way we usually think of traction. Instead of hooking up big rubber slicks on sticky asphalt, these guys are racing in the dirt. They do have some help in the traction department, though, in the form of sand drag-inspired paddle tires. These tires feature paddles that scoop the sand or dirt, digging in as best as can be hoped for in the loose dirt that makes up the track surface.

If you were to tell me one of the cooler cars I saw today was going to be a 3rd Gen Camaro, I’d have probably argued with you on that point, but this is definitely a badass hotrod that sounds just as good as it looks. The purple F Body is known as the Sand Thing and sounds like it’s powered by an all-motor big block Chevy. With the massive headers jutting vertically out of the hood, the car looks like something out of an apocalyptic mayhem movie, but when the driver romps on the loud pedal, the car proves that it is right where it needs to be.

The other two rides featured in this video are of the pickup variety. The Crowd Pleaser seems to earn its name in two ways, slinging a huge wall of dirt while laying down some blistering passes and taking passengers along for the ride.

The creatively-named Black Truck looks to have maybe had a bit of a mishap recently that caused some damage to the nose of the truck. Instead of waiting for the damage to be repaired, the owner opted to just race without it, and it doesn’t really seem to have much of an impact on how quick the truck covers the track.

These rides are way cool, and we know there are more out there like them. If you have links to other cool dirt and sand drag footage, drop them in the comment and we’ll check them out!


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