Someone is Getting a Stern Slap on the Wrist as Racecar Falls off the Back of Tow Truck!

When it comes to the tow truck driver on the scene at any sort of race, that driver ...

When it comes to the tow truck driver on the scene at any sort of race, that driver pretty much has one job and that is to go and get the cars if they wreck or become disabled out there on the track somehow. This time, we catch up with an unfortunate situation as it looks like this tow truck driver managed to mess up that one job and it ended up being a pretty cringeworthy situation. As you watch this video unfold, you can’t help but feel bad for the guy because it really looks like he was just trying to hurry up and get back to racing but it ended in an unfortunate manner, indeed.

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In this one, we watch as the tow truck driver is pulling away what appears to be the wreckage of an F1 car. You would think that he’s about to take it back to the pits but, at this point in time, you can say that this is┬áthe ultimate case of adding insult to injury as the carcass of a car is coming around the turn on the bed of the rollback, when all of a sudden, it ends up sliding its way off of the trailer half of the way before catching an edge of the wall, bashing its way into the corner and doing more damage. It might not seem like a big deal but if the part that was damaged was one that they weren’t already going to have to fix, that one could end up costing thousands of dollars if not more.

Follow along in the video down below that takes you on the scene of the moment of this tow truck driver would probably rather just forget it. Hopefully, it all worked out for him and he didn’t have too much more headache to add to this already bad day but something tells us that it just wasn’t in the cards for this bad situation that seems to quickly find a way to spiral out of control aggressively.

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