Sometimes You Just Need To Send It! Even With A Tornado Coming

Within the drag racing community, there are plenty of rivalries to go around. For ...

Within the drag racing community, there are plenty of rivalries to go around. For example, one that we are all familiar with is the Chevrolet versus Ford battle. This never-ending back-and-forth goes down on drag strips around the country on a daily basis. Perhaps another example is the nitrous versus turbo battle. Some of these the back and forth rivalries can keep racing fun. It really adds another layer to the action that we see out there on the drag strip. However, there is one battle that takes the fun out of racing. This is a battle that all racers able to join together on. We are speaking, of course, of the battle of racers versus weather.

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As an automotive journalist, I have to say that the weather sometimes can seem like it follows race events around. One weekend after the next, rain seems to gravitate toward the weekend and call for a close to an event. After all, there is absolutely no way that a drag race is going to be able to go down with rain clouds hovering over the track. In fact, sometimes, track officials might even call a race if there is a hint that rain might be looming over the horizon. This time, we ran into a situation where they were ready to get the race off no matter what!

By riding along with the video below, we join in a situation that has a Ford Mustang staging at the starting line. The one thing that is different with this pass, though, is that there is a tornado toward the end of the track! That doesn’t stop this racer from sending it and making their way down the lanes, though! It does look like the tornado is far enough away as to not really cause concern. It also made for one heck of an awesome shot. This is going to be one that these folks remember for the rest of their lives.

Send it!

Posted by Laura Black-Wines on Saturday, June 8, 2019

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