South Carolina Troopers Lead Traffic Backwards On Interstate In Florence Evacuation Effort

With Hurricane Florence setting its sights on the Carolinas as it prepares to touch ...

With Hurricane Florence setting its sights on the Carolinas as it prepares to touch land, you can’t help but feel for the people who are going to be in the wake of destruction. Whenever storms like this come around, you never know how bad they’re going to be but if the meteorologists have an opinion that holds weight with you, it looks like this one is going to cause some pretty incredible damage. Therefore, many areas have mandatory evacuations in place getting many people out of harm’s way as the storm finally hits land later on this week. Estimates say that over a million are being urged to leave.

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As you could imagine, with these evacuations and tons of people trying to get out of the area at the same time, it could be a traffic nightmare. In many areas, traffic might already be an issue and when you pump up the volume of motorists that much to tray and get so many people through such a small space, it could cause issues. However, as few people are probably making their way to the effected areas and a great number of people are making their way out of the area, the state has decided to take on a new method of routing the traffic in order to make things flow more smoothly.

The video below shows the scene as South Carolina State Troopers lead the way in an escort that reverses one side of a major highway, shutting it down as to double the traffic flow to get out of Dodge. Hopefully, the storm loses some steam by the time it hits land but as of now, it’s predicted to throw a couple of haymakers before all is said and done. We can only hope for the best and luckily, these folks won’t be in harm’s way when the storm finally does make its way inland.

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