Spectator Drags Crash Compilation… These Guys Take It Too Serious!

There’s nothing like heading down to the local short track to watch the hometown boys ...

There’s nothing like heading down to the local short track to watch the hometown boys battle it out on the oval. Many of these small facilitates have what is called “Spectator Drags”, where fans can compete for a couple of laps in their own personal rides in a one-on-one war. As you might expect with completely untrained drivers and cars and trucks driven in off the street, things do not always go as planned. There are going to be some occasional crashes and luckily there will almost always be somebody there to catch them on video.

Most of these mishaps seem to occur when one rides gets out to a little bit of a lead and the other car crashes trying to catch up, although there are occasionally going to be incidents where the lead car crashes trying to extend their lead and hold off the other driver.

One of the more intense clips is the second one in the video, where a Ford Ranger with huge wheels actually rolls over going down the straight away. Luckily, according to the video’s description, nobody was injured in any of these vehicles, though we would be willing to bet if there was a way to see a person’s ego, all of these drivers would be sporting a huge bruise on theirs.

One of the funniest moments, at least for those of us not in the this particular truck, is when the red Silverado loses control on the inside line and bounces up onto one of the tires lining the track. The huge tire keeps the wheels from being able to get full traction for a few seconds, but the driver keeps the throttle matted and sends a huge cloud of tiresmoke until he’s finally able to drive away, much to the crowd’s delight.

Go ahead and find your local circle track and see if they do spectator drags. If you’re not ready to jump out there yourself, just grab you camera and go video the action to share with us.

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