Speed Tandem Bike Racing Takes a Turn For The Worse

Before this video popped up, I’m going to be honest with you, I wasn’t ...

Before this video popped up, I’m going to be honest with you, I wasn’t even sure that speed tandem biking was a real thing. However, after watching it for just a few moments, it’s hard to not get entranced in this very obscure sport based around speed.

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This time, in the odd sport, we check out an even more obscure situation at this pair of bicyclists rockets along on their tandem bike and before they know it, parts are simply not cooperating enough to push them through the rest of the race as it all breaks down quite literally.

In what we’re sure is a rare and isolated incident, the front wheel of this tandem bike simply can’t hold the weight and speed any longer as it decides to explode, sending both of the riders to the ground in an instant. That had to be one heck of a shocker for both of the riders onboard.

Check out the sport down below that is definitely something a little bit different as these two participants end up going for quite a ride. This is definitely one that they’re going to have no choice but to joke about for the foreseeable future!

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