Spray on Chrome Has Some People Incredibly Skeptical, Almost Looks too Good to be True

If you take a look around the automotive community, there are all sorts of different ...

If you take a look around the automotive community, there are all sorts of different modifications that you can undertake that go against the grain, really trying something out differently that isn’t necessarily proven on such a grand scale. With these unproven products, you do run the risk of being a guinea pig and having something that doesn’t work out but with this spray on chrome, if it were to work out, it looks like something that’s at least worth taking a stab at if the investment isn’t all that much. From here, the finished product presented really looks to be one that’s worthwhile.

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In this one, we start off with a small area to test out the solution. First, it’s cleaned up and then moistened a little bit, then, we’re off to the races, spraying the solution to the black area and, after a couple of coats, we watch that dull and boring surface turn into a bright and shiny chrome masterpiece in a hurry. It might not exactly be traditional but it’s definitely something that you have to keep an eye on to see how well it works out. It might almost seem too good to be true but if it does work as promised, this could be a really big aid in making your car, truck, or other application look a lot better all with minimal effort.

Follow along with the video below that shows you exactly how a process like this can all pan out to take that old surface and make it live once again. If you judge this product by the comments on the video, it might be a pretty big tossup as to whether or not you should actually take a shot at picking the stuff up or not but I think that’s pretty natural with just about any new product that comes to market with high claims like these. After following along in the video below, be sure to tell us what you think of a process like this one.

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