Spy Footage of C8 Z06 and ZR1 Hits the Web, Speculation Runs Wild

With the release of the C8 Corvette, General Motors has shown us one thing, if ...

With the release of the C8 Corvette, General Motors has shown us one thing, if nothing else. They have unveiled the fact that they can definitely keep a secret and are willing to take some chances. This seems like a necessary mentality for a consumer base that’s growing tired of the same old focus group created humdrum garbage that has been forced down our throats.

In addition, they’ve also implemented the element of surprise. Sometimes, keeping info close to the chest, as they did with the C8, can be difficult as somebody with loose lips can end up spilling the beans about a vehicle before it’s unveiled. However, with the mid-engine Corvette, we think that most were speculating about what it could possibly be right up to the point where it was unveiled and we finally saw the next generation.

At this point in the timeline, though, all of that news that we were so excited to hear about with the mid-engine Corvette is kind of becoming an old hat. We’re getting used to what the car has the offer and the community is beginning to look toward what could potentially be coming next.

In the world of the Corvette, traditionally, history has been good a pretty good indicator of what we might expect in the future. As the base model Corvette comes out for the first year of a new generation, we essentially see a new model or two tossed into the lineup every couple of years.

With that, we have our eyes focused on what could potentially be coming next. With the way that the community has been shaken up in recent memory, it’s hard to really pin down exactly what each offering is going to come to the table with. It’s truly an exciting time to speculate, though, as we could expect all sorts of different combinations. The water cooler talk is downright running rampant about what’s to come in the Z06 and ZR1.

Below, we check in with HorsePower Obsessed who has taken some recent spy shots and a little bit of video footage, compiling them into one video that breaks down what we might be able to expect with the future trim levels of Corvette.

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