Ford Predicted The Future With This 80’s Mustang Commercial – “Stand Back the Streets Belong to Me”

We tried to ignore it, we really did. We tried our hardest not to be lured into all ...

We tried to ignore it, we really did. We tried our hardest not to be lured into all of the jokes and memes that surround the Ford Mustang community and their habit of wrecking into whatever they’re near whether it be a crowd, a curb, or even a collection of bushes. However, no matter how hard you try to ignore it all, you have to give in eventually when car after car seems to find their way into a collision, one after the other in what almost seems to be an endless chain of machines meeting their maker and somehow, always getting caught on video. No matter what way you try to look, you can never get away from it and when things seem to be settling down a bit, out comes another video!

This time, we throw it way back to an ad that would make even the edgiest person a little bit cautious as this throwback shows off a Fox Body Mustang rolling down the street in a commercial that has a crowd of people gathering around the car and even dancing! They’d better be careful because it really seems like these things are attracted to people like flies to a… well, you know the rest! It’s almost ironic as the commercial plays out and the people break out in song around the car and sing its praises like a cult singing to their leader.

Check out the old school commercial down in the video below and tell us what you think of this ominous foreshadowing. We’re going to drop it here and let you take the reigns now because if we keep talking, the next thing you know, someone is going to be shouting out some sort conspiracy theory about how Ford knew that all of this was coming!

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