Steve-O just broke both of his legs in his latest stunt

When you are as dedicated to your craft as Steve-O is, you will go above and beyond ...

When you are as dedicated to your craft as Steve-O is, you will go above and beyond to accomplish whatever the goal is at hand and this time, that meant physical danger was on tap.

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In order to pound his way into skateboarding legend status, the daredevil what attempt a stunt in which he would stand on a pedestal that is wiped out by a speeding car before landing on the ground.

It’s definitely a stunt that he knew was dangerous going in, but his peers in Tony Hawk and Danny Way would agree that the risk involved would most definitely be worth the reward if he could carry it out.



Several failed attempts wouldn’t deter Steve-O from going after the goal but eventually, he would come across one thing that would.

With one bad move, his leg decided that it couldn’t take the impact of the falls any longer and would break. That was where it would end… or so he thought. Upon further investigation by doctors, it would be discovered that he broke both of his legs in the process!


Check out the video below, but if you get a little bit weary at the sight of broken limbs, you might want to turn your head for this one. For some reason, we don’t think that he’s done trying to make this stunt magic work.

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