Steve’s Lawnmower DUI with 10 Stolen Shopping Carts

Steve’s Lawnmower DUI with 10 Stolen Shopping CartsTake home $50,000 in cash or ...

Steve’s Lawnmower DUI with 10 Stolen Shopping Carts

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Before all the people with the intelligence of a third grader start throwing around the idea that this video is fake, yeah we get that part, but the skit was simply too hilarious not to share.

This comedic gold takes us inside of the life of Steve and his lawnmower that tends to get him in a little bit more trouble than any lawnmower ever should.

Even after having a little bit too much to drink, Steve goes on a ride on his ride on lawnmower, pulling 10 shopping carts filled with beer behind it… talk about a redneck fantasy.

Check out the video below as Steve gets pulled over and apprehended by the police. Maybe next time he will have a designated driver to take the wheel of his lawnmower to the store to pick up his brews.



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