Stevie “Fast” Jackson, Shadow 2.0 Take Another Victory At Lights Out 11

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That’s what it took to crown Stevie “Fast” Jackson a champion yet again this past weekend. It seems like this guy just can’t stop winning. No matter what class it is, his name is always in this mix. We even saw Jackson snag an NHRA Pro Stock Crown last season. In the Radial vs the World (RvW) community, he’s certainly a fixture that has claimed his fair share of success. This year was no different.

Among the 32-car field of RvW racers, 31 would head home disappointed. This doesn’t even account for the racers that tried their hardest and failed to make the field. Jackson, though, would be the sole owner of the designation of Lights Out 11’s RvW winner.

The final race wasn’t split by much. In fact, with the time that came between Jackson and competitor, David Reese, you couldn’t do much. The divide was .0031 at the finish after Reese nailed the tree but somehow managed to get chased down by Steevie down the stretch. The split is about 100 times quicker than it takes the average human being to blink. It was that close.

Even after cutting a .025 light to Jackson’s .068, we’re sure that Reese knew the race wasn’t over. At the end of the day, this is the type of racing that we love to see. This is just one of those classes that constantly has a dramatic finish at Duck X Productions races. When considering that these competitors are this close, it’s wild to think about Jackson’s consistent success.

Jackson’s Thoughts Moving Forward

After the race, Jackson recapped his thoughts.

One of the interesting concepts brought up is his outlook on how he matches up with Melanie Salemi. Coming into the race, she would look to be the first woman to win a heads up class at a Duck X race. However, mechanical issues would keep her from making the final push. As we see in the video below, Jackson thinks that it’s going to be a tense battle between the two for many races to come.

Next, Stevie even goes so far as saying that, at the upcoming Sweet 16 race, he is going to set the overall door car record. He even contends that he’s going to make that record while on a street tire. From March 18-22, racers will find themselves back in South Georgia Motorsports Park for Sweet 16. The RvW class will be offered with a $70,000 purse.

From March 18-22, racers will find themselves back in South Georgia Motorsports Park for Sweet 16. The RvW class will be offered with a $70,000 purse.

Stevie Fast Parking ONLY!!!!2020 is starting off with a BANG!!!! Me and the boys rolled into SGMP with a chip on our shoulders, Qualified number 1, and won Lights Out 11! The Shadow is deadly right now and I wouldn’t want to be in the other lane!!!!! Huge thanks to my guys and all the companies and people that back me up day in and day out. I’m proud to represent your brand!

Posted by Steve Jackson Racing on Sunday, February 16, 2020


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