Stevie Jackson Blows The Roof Off of the Drag Radial Record @ Lights Out 8

With all of the effort that the guys in the drag radial community are putting in, ...

With all of the effort that the guys in the drag radial community are putting in, it’s almost pointless to write this article because it’ll probably be old news within a couple of days if not hours, but because we try to be your breaking news source in racing, we find that it’s definitely a priority there we bring you the news that Stevie “Fast” Jackson has once again made waves in the community.

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As Lights Out 8 is underway and rolling strong, Stevie has been putting in work, taking his car to the front of the pack with a slew of on-site adjustments, running down a 3.737-second pass that not only is good enough to put him at the the top of the qualifying bracket but also makes him the fastest to ever span an eighth mile stretch of track in a car wielding drag radials.

The action was captured down in the video below that showcases Shadow 2.0 breaking into the record book by one-thousandth of a second over the record set earlier in qualifying by Barry Mitchell and his Chevrolet Camaro and doing it as the opponent in the next lane over goes sideways! It doesn’t get more action-packed than that and I’m getting this odd feeling that the battle for drag radial supremacy isn’t over quite yet. There’s still lots of racing to be done down in Georgia this weekend!

Check out the video below that showcases Shadow 2.0 climbing to the top of the hill quickly, just four months after the original Shadow went airborne and suffered an untimely demise. If this isn’t the ultimate story of a team turning around and making their presence felt right away, we’re not really sure what is.

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