Stick Shift Foxbody Runs 8s with EASE

Car enthusiasts will argue back and forth about what works better – an ...

Car enthusiasts will argue back and forth about what works better – an automatic or a manual, until they’re blue in the face. It’s one of those debates that, even with compelling evidence, will never truly be won because someone is always going to have their own version of an opinion, which is completely fine. The fact remains, though, that while manuals are fun, most people will never be able to drive them efficiently as an automatic can shift through the gears quickly and consistently every time until it breaks.

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This time, we check out a driver and car combination that doesn’t really fall into the norm. Matt Gross is seriously a certified badass behind the wheel and we have the video footage to prove it as he leaves it all out there on the track, taking a Fox Body that would normally be pretty cool and throwing in his ability to make the combination an absolute show stopper!

The Ford Mustang in question is a turbocharged stick shift car and this thing really takes off like nothing that you’ve ever seen before as it launches hard out of the hole and bangs gears to an 8-second pass. There’s something special about going that fast and rowing gears because the crowd who has actually managed to pull off such a feat could probably fit in one room! Therefore, it’s time to watch and learn as you really watch magic made out there on the racing surface!

Check out the BigKleib34 video below as the action flows in from Street Car Takeover and this driver bangs gears all the way to the stick shift class crown. There’s just something about watching this car spool up and follow through that has the ability to send a chill down your spine as it all comes together perfectly!

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