Stolen 440 Cuda Found by Police, but Not Returned to Owners – A Legal Mess!

To many, a car can be much more than a hunk of iron and four wheels. Instead, it can ...

To many, a car can be much more than a hunk of iron and four wheels. Instead, it can elevate in importance to become a member of the family.

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For the Whites, their Plymouth Cuda would become just that, but one day, in 2001, the car would be ripped from their garage, never to be seen again, or so they though.

When a letter would come in the mail years later that their car had been stored at a facility and had racked up some charges, hope would be sparked up once again only to get crushed.

When the couple that originally owned the Cuda would go to retrieve their property, they would be told that the person who owed the fees paid them and picked up the car.

Naturally, you’d turn to the cops to go and get the car at this point since you know who has possession of it, but the police could do nothing about it, claiming that the statute of limitations had run out.

Check out the video below that shows us the ins and outs of this complicated situation. From what we’ve gathered in the comments of this story that dates back at least two years, the car has since been returned.

What would you do if you somehow managed to get yourself tied up in this kind of a legal mess?



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