Storm Chaser Gets Too Close to a Tornado, Quickly Finds Out How Brutal it Can Be

There are some people out there who simply live for adrenaline. No matter what the ...

There are some people out there who simply live for adrenaline. No matter what the risk, if there’s enough adrenaline in the equation, they might try some pretty crazy stuff. This isn’t necessarily the most shocking revelation. After all, we see people every single day who are pushing the limits for their own personal rush. Don’t believe us? Tune into any extreme sports athlete who’s really giving it a whirl. Heck, we’ve even seen a guy jump out of a plane without a parachute once. However, just like anything else in life, that need for adrenaline comes in all sorts of different packages and levels.

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Perhaps, one of the most extreme ways to get an adrenaline rush is through storm chasing. After all, one false move and these folks are going to be looking at a life and death situation. Sure, there might be some sort of risk of losing one’s life in a variety of different other high adrenaline situations. However, this one seems to really be the most direct. It really puts participants directly in harm’s way. There’s really no telling when someone is going to make one wrong move. At that point, there’s a really good shot that they get sucked up by a tornado.

For these excited storm chasers, they were almost put directly in such an unfortunate predicament. As these folks managed to find their way toward a tornado, they would get a little bit closer than they had originally bargained for. As the storm was approaching them, it just so happened that the vehicle intersects perfectly with the tornado. Luckily, all the factors aligned in a perfect world. This meant that the storm would just blow right on by while the occupants in the vehicle freaked out. We think that this is a perfectly good candidate to place in the dictionary next to “too close for comfort” if Websters ever starts adding phrases.

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