The Strangest Offers Received By Roadside Assistance Driver

With some jobs, we get a different level of interaction with certain types of people. ...

With some jobs, we get a different level of interaction with certain types of people. Obviously, some jobs are isolated from the public but others, well, they thrust a person into the wild world. Depending on the responsibility, the group of people being dealt with might be a little bit crazier than others. For example, in the realm of roadside assistance, there is quite a unique group of customers. This becomes especially true for someone working the night shift. The job is quite different from most as drivers are put into a position with people who are pretty vulnerable in that moment.

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Therefore, when the job is done, sometimes, the situation can tend to take odd turns. For a roadside assistance driver, they never really know what kind of people they’re going to come across. Furthermore, they have no idea how these people are going to attempt to reward them or how desperate they are to get out of such a situation. After all, nobody likes being broken down on the side of the road. Some people just have a better way of solving this problem than others.

In this story from the VINWiki YouTube channel, we hear some wild tales from a roadside assistance driver. One of the unexpected side effects, as an example, are people willing to sell their problematic cars cheap. Even if the fix is simple, some folks just don’t really care. This driver even ended up talking to somebody who had a lead for some equipment for his garage for pennies on the dollar. Sometimes, when life really starts to pile up for a customer, a broken car the straw that broke the camel’s back. This can mean great deals for a tow truck driver in the right place at the right time.

Furthermore, things can even get stranger when a person wants to tip the driver. As this driver testifies, lots of people are incredibly grateful for this sort of rescue. Therefore, they receive tip offers in the form of everything from cash to drugs. While it might seem like a tow truck driver has a pretty straightforward job, things can certainly get interesting out there.


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