Street Outlaw BoostedGT Making Test Passes In His New Car

By now, most of you guys have seen Street Outlaws star, street racing legend and no ...

By now, most of you guys have seen Street Outlaws star, street racing legend and no prep badass Chris Hamilton’s new orange Mustang in action. Most of you may know Chris better by his more commonly known nickname, Boosted GT. Finally retiring his famed yellow ‘Stang, this new car had been in the works for quite some time, finally making it’s debut just a couple of short months ago.

Each new track Boosted visits, especially in the no prep world, represents a completely new set of challenges and you can really see that in this footage from our friend Justin over at the JMalcom2004 YouTube Channel. Justin was on hand at Dorchester Dragway in South Carolina when Boosted rolled out his new hotrod for an invitational no prep shootout.

While his girlfriend Kayla struggled to find traction in her ProCharged Hot Mess Express Mustang, Boosted had a little different experience, finding his car, despite being on smaller tires, was up to the task of planting those tires and laying down a couple of pretty solid runs. This just goes to show you how important power delivery is for these cars, where all it takes is just a few too many horsepower a split second too early in the run to cause a run to be aborted.

Kayla’s car may have bigger tires out back, but she’s also trying to wrangle more horsepower overall, especially down low early in the run, which is when that ProCharger is pumping hard to get the car off the line. Boosted, however, is running a turbocharged engine, which inherently makes less power at the starting line and builds boost and power as the car continues down the track.

As you can see on theses two test hits, Boosted seems to be ready to go for the shootout!


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