Street Outlaws AZN vs Daddy Dave In The Daily Driver Battle… Close Race!

This week, Street Outlaws was taken over by daily drivers, and to be honest it was ...

This week, Street Outlaws was taken over by daily drivers, and to be honest it was one of our favorite episodes yet! Absent was the tension that surrounds the typical race nights, replaced instead by a lot of fun and cutting up, bringing some much-needed laughter to the streets of the 405.

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One of the best races of the night took place when AZN lined up with Daddy Dave to see which of them would claim the bragging rights of having the quicker daily ride.

AZN, in his super sleeper Jeep rolled up to the line with very little indication of what was about to happen, while Dave, in his boosted S10 pickup, certainly looked and sounded the part of a wicked little hotrod that was about to lay down a pass and send AZN home with his tail tucked.

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However, as is often the case, there’s more to this race than meets the eye, and as soon as Farmtruck hits the light, it becomes glaringly obvious why I referred to AZN’s SUV as a sleeper. When the light flashes, both drivers hit the throttle, but Dave has to deal with having a lot of power in a two-wheel-drive truck, not exactly ideal when the guy in the other lane has less power, but a lot more traction.

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AZN’s Jeep does little more than squat and blast out of the hole while Dave has to work the throttle to keep the tires from roasting. Eventually, Dave gets enough momentum to start reeling in AZN and his SUV, but he runs out of real estate, coming up just short of pulling back ahead before the finish line.

While AZN and the Dung Beetle may not have anything for Dave and Goliath, when it comes to daily drivers, the advantage goes to AZN and his sleeper Jeep after taking down Dave and his boosted pickup!

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