Street Outlaws Boosted GT Almost Gets TAKEN OUT By Opponent In A Wild Drag Race… Close Call

Boosted GT closed out 2017 in pretty spectacular fashion at Project X Productions’ ...

Boosted GT closed out 2017 in pretty spectacular fashion at Project X Productions’ Winter Meltdown 2 No Prep at San Antonio Raceway in south Texas. The last event of the year proved to be one of the most talked about after the promoters brought out a massive track scraper from Mass Traction to take the track down as close to bare concrete as possible. While many tracks scrape as part of their regular track prep, they follow that up by putting down some fresh rubber and traction compound to make the track bite. That wasn’t the case at SAR, though, as the point was to unprep the track as much as possible.

Boosted, however, had a plan in place for the tricky surface, which was made even more difficult deal with by unseasonably cool temperatures slamming the whole country on New Years weekend, and it would seem his opponent in the final of the 29” tire class, Eric Sctubbs, had a plan as well, perhaps one he executed a little too well.

By the time the finals rolled around, the track had gotten a little rubber laid down, as that is just what happens as cars do burnouts and launch over the course of the weekend. Combining the fresh rubber and plenty of power thanks to the chilly temps led to a massive wheelstand in the final for Stubbs, who’s certainly no stranger to going rounds in the no prep world. Luckily, Boosted was far enough ahead of Eric that Stubbs slid just behind him when he crossed over into the left lane. If things had gone only slightly differently for ether car, this could have ended very badly for both. However, things worked out just fine, other than Stubb’s being disqualified by crossing and handing the win to Boosted.

Congrats to Chris for finishing the year in the winner’s circle and to Stubbs for his runner up, and also props on a great driving job to keep his car off the walls after that crazy wheelstand. Thanks as always to our buddy Aaron at NXGonzo Video for bringing us his awesome footage!

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