Street Outlaws Chuck Debuts New Small Tire Car in x275

In the car community, we have this weird tendency of associating people with certain ...

In the car community, we have this weird tendency of associating people with certain cars. In fact, I know I speak for more than myself when I say that sometimes, I can remember somebody’s entire build without being able to recall their first name. It can actually get a little bit weird when somebody decides to buy a new car. It might take our brains a couple of seconds to process the swap.

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With that in mind, the car that we normally associate with Chuck Seitsinger is, of course, “Death Trap.” The white Fox Body Mustang is a turbo big tire car that we have all seen break a couple of hearts in straight-line competition. The machine is so associated with Chuck that “Death Trap Chuck” has even become widely referred to with the car’s name merging into his own name.

This past weekend at the Throwdown in T-Town, Chuck would be behind the wheel of another car entirely. Instead of Death Trap, Chuck would try his luck in the small tire world with a new machine. Seitsinger would be spotted behind the wheel of none other than another Fox Body, this time, a notchback. Again, the car would provide boost from a turbo, much like Death Trap.

The video from the National No Prep Racing Association brings us the action in the x275 class. They tell us that Chuck would end up qualifying second fastest in the entire class. As far as the rundown on his performance, they argue that he did fairly well given the fact that this was his first competition with the car. We tend to agree as it looks like Chuck and his new ride have their act together.

By following along with the video below, we get to see the machine in action. It’s kind of refreshing to see a little bit of competitive drag racing once again as things remain locked down with nationwide quarantine measures still in effect.

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