Street Outlaws Daddy Dave vs The 55 At Outlaw Armageddon

When it comes to no prep racing, Chuck Parker is right up there among the best in the ...

When it comes to no prep racing, Chuck Parker is right up there among the best in the game and races like this prove why he’s built a huge following and a solid reputation among fans and racers alike. Check out this clip from this weekend’s Outlaw Armageddon at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, OK.

Lined up with Daddy Dave and his ProCharged Nova known as Goliath, Parker knew he had one tough opponent in the other lane. With the nitrous dialed up, Chuck staged up alongside Daddy Dave and waited for the light, perhaps a tad too long. Dave, well known for his driving prowess, jumped all over the tree and left Parker standing there, but Chuck is never one to give up. He turned loose of the transbrake and gave chase, wheeling the gorgeous 1955 Chevrolet down the tricky no prep surface that had been baking all day in the blistering Oklahoma sunshine. Both cars got a little out of shape just past half track, leading Dave to have to pedal the throttle to keep the car in his lane and that was all the opportunity Chuck needed to drive around him on the top end and take the win.

The 55 crew had done a spectacular job getting the all new hemi powerplant up to speed so quickly. The massive Sonny’s-built engine handles the nitrous very well and the car just plain works on these sketchy tracks and unprepared surfaces. Not to mention Chuck can straight up drive the car with the best of them. All of that together is the reason The 55 is well known as one of the baddest cars in the no prep world. Look for this car to keep kicking butt all over the midwest, especially as Parker and company refine the tune and gather data on the new engine combo.

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