Street Outlaws Deleted Scene – Chuck VS Big Tire Camaro

Street Outlaws Deleted Scene – Chuck VS Big Tire Camaro* * * enter to win this ...

Street Outlaws Deleted Scene – Chuck VS Big Tire Camaro

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When it comes right down to it, on paper, most would think that a big tire car should have a stout advantage over a small tire car, but that won’t stop Chuck and his Ford Mustang from taking on a little bit of a challenge.

When a big tire Chevrolet Camaro comes out to call out Chuck, there is no backing down in his game plan, as we have all seen before.

When it comes time to race, we’re definitely ready to see a good old-fashioned slugfest on the streets, but the race isn’t as interesting as we would have hoped.

Check out the video below as both of the cars get ready to rumble in the big tire Camaro just doesn’t seem like it’s ready to do battle, smashing some parts coming out of its burnout. It looks like this one wasn’t as much of a sure thing as the Camaro owner would have hoped for.

When the smack talk begins below, Chuck can’t help but get a little scrappy!



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