Street Outlaws Doc Unveils His New Mountain Motor… Should The List Be Scared!

While many racers use the PRI Show in Indianapolis to reveal their new rides, there ...

While many racers use the PRI Show in Indianapolis to reveal their new rides, there are also plenty of reveals for upgrades to existing rides. Any major upgrade is worthy of a PRI reveal and Street Outlaws star James “Doc” Love used the show’s massive draw to reveal his new powerplant, easily one of the largest engines we’ve ever seen on the show.

Built by Taylor Lastor’s TRE Racing Engines in Texas, the 959” CID mountain motor should prove an invaluable weapon in helping Doc get back to the top of the list. Fans of the show know that he’s been struggling lately with getting wins against the cars on the list, who have admittedly stepped up their game over the past few seasons.

As before, Doc’s engine will be nitrous injected and should make a ton of power with all of the spray activated. The new bullet will also be fuel injected, which gives Love a great deal of control over the power curve, something that’s crucial to managing all of that power on surfaces that are less-than ideal, such as the streets and at no prep events. With the timing and fuel control of EFI and the ability to also use the 5 stages of nitrous as a bit of a tuning tool, the car really should work well on the street and unprepped surfaces.

Doc mentions one of his mentors, nitrous tuning legend Monte Smith, helping him find his way in the nitrous world, and wanted to honor Monte – who passed away earlier this year – by sticking with nitrous. It’s no secret that the only way to make a nitrous engine run with the biggest names in street racing and no prep is to go big, and with this piece, Doc got big.

Look for the new bullet to be bolted into the framerails of the Street Beast Monte Carlo soon and hopefully we’ll see Love return back to the top of the list where’s spent so much time.

Docs reveal

Posted by Streetc/irlife on Friday, December 8, 2017

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