FNA Fight Night – Round 2 – Farmtruck vs AZN, Outlaw Armageddon 2017

Street Outlaws fans from coast to coast love tuning in to watch the show for the ...

Street Outlaws fans from coast to coast love tuning in to watch the show for the racing, but many tune in just to see what kind of shenanigans Farmtruck and AZN are getting into each week. The dynamic duo is always up to something, usually spending most of the episode planning a crazy stunt or building something to race. And or course, there’s usually some fishing for races added to the mix as well.

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One thing we’ve never seen on the show is Farmtruck and AZN racing each other, but fans in attendance for last weekend’s Outlaw Armageddon got to witness the first race between the two. Before they squared off, AZN and Farmtruck jumped no the mic to get the crowd hyped up, both guys getting solid reaction from the huge crowd on hand for the event. We get a look at the Dung Beetle warming up in the 405 pit area before they head to staging to duke it out on the track.

While the Farmtruck has a decided horsepower advantage, the Dung Beetle is much lighter, so in theory this should have been a good race. However, it looked like AZN may have had the Dung Beetle turned down a bit to make a safe a-to-b pass. We’ve seen the car yank the wheels on the street before. There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe at a no prep event, unless the other guy makes a great pass, which Farmtruck did. Of course, these two were just out there having fun in front of the massive crowd that came out. They were cutting up with each other back in the pits as soon as this race was over while signing autographs for the fans.

We saw last night that Season 10 will be here soon, we can’t wait to see AZN and Farmtruck up to their antics again, as well as the rest of the cast from the 405.

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