Street Outlaws Farmtruck VS AZN! Head to Head Drag Race!

Farmtruck and AZN are most definitely one of the iconic duos that have hit the racing ...

Farmtruck and AZN are most definitely one of the iconic duos that have hit the racing scene hard with their rides that are as unique as their personalities. When these guys get together, they’re all laughs but when it comes time to race, they definitely have the ability to swap it out and put their serious faces on for a couple of minutes and do what it takes to get prepared to rocket down the street or strip as fast as humanly possible, throwing a handful to the person in the next lane over as the dynamic duo brings out one of their sleeper machines to go head-to-head with the potentially unsuspecting competition.

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This time, it’s quite the friendly rivalry as we’re sure that both Farmtruck and AZN know a good bit about what’s under the hood of each others’ rides but instead of going out fishing, they’re going up against one another, putting the old-school Chevrolet C10 in one lane and the vicious Volkswagen Beetle in the next. Once we heard about this one going down, we instantly became incredibly curious to see what would happen when these two ended up throwing down against one another.

Follow along in the video down below as we’re taken on the scene of some no prep action as Farmtruck and AZN go head-to-head when the action was all captured by the NXGonzo cameras. Normally, they are in one another’s corner, but on this particular pass, they became competitors with each other for just a moment and it’s something that you’re not going to want to miss! You have to think, that after this race, they will be right back to their natural light hearted state of mind but it will most certainly come with its fair share of bragging rights! Neither of these guys is going to let the other live it down…until next time.

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