Street Outlaws Live… Bobby Ducote vs Petey Small Block! Near Crash!

At the massive Discovery Channel $100,000 to win shootout held at Thunder Valley ...

At the massive Discovery Channel $100,000 to win shootout held at Thunder Valley Raceway Tuesday night, Street Outlaws New Orleans star Bobby Ducote lined up with legendary northeast headhunter Peter Avram, also known as Petey Small Block. The pair set to see who had the quicker car on this given night, as well as who would advance to the next round of the race for the hundred grand.

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Both cars would have to play the pedal game, with each car losing traction and the drivers having the carefully feather the throttle to try to hook the tires back to the racing surface. Instead of just shutting his car off, Petey most likely saw that Bobby was skating around too and tried to reel him in, but he was too far downtrack to catch up. That didn’t stop him from trying, and it almost cost him his car and possibly worse. Petey’s car veers to the left and right, very subtly as you can see in the video below, before going into a full on power slide right down the middle of the track. Petey hangs on, cranks the wheel to the right to try to steer out of the skid, and holds on.

As the car slides, you can see the rotation stop and hold sideways before luck takes over and stop the rotation.

He regains control of the car and brings it safely to a stop in the opposite lane from where he started. What an excellent driving job, on a level most all of us can understand. Petey exited the car and waved to the 25,000 fans in the stands who all it seemed, at least for a moment in time, were all suddenly Petey Small Block fans, hoping against hope that he wouldn’t smack the wall or roll the car down the track. Luckily, the car screeched to a halt without touching anything, and it was all caught on camera too!

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