[Street Outlaws] Loyalty is Everything in the Art of Grudge Racing.

In the world of grudge racing, things go down a little bit differently than normal ...

In the world of grudge racing, things go down a little bit differently than normal drag racing. This is especially prevalent when the action finds its way to the streets. When we watch an episode of Street Outlaws, we get taken inside of this very world. It’s certainly not an area where a novice is going to get lucky and succeed most of the time. Instead, the community is filled with people looking to gain every last advantage that they can. With sleight-of-hand tricks and a slick talking individual, races can’t be won or lost before they’re even started.

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With this in mind, this dog-eat-dog world might be a little bit easier to navigate with a loyal companion. As it seems to be a community where there are constantly opportunistic racers attempting to take victory, having somebody to watch your back might not be the worst idea in the world. Even for an experienced grudge competitor, every once in a while, they might miss a trick. After all, when it comes to the magnitude of the competition on Street Outlaws, it’s the best of the best. Everyone on the scene has to bring their absolute A-game and then some.

By following along with the video below, we get to learn about the loyal relationship between Monza and his son, Brandon. No matter what the situation, Brandon always seems to be backing up his dad. It doesn’t matter if Monza is right or wrong, these two are always acting as a team and trying to seize victory.

While it might be difficult to really understand this world unless you’re immersed in it, the video below gives us quite the taste. It’s pretty neat to watch how these sorts of dynamics unfold in the scheme of a race. This just goes to show you how a big portion of competition happens off of the racing surface.

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