Street Outlaws Murder Nova Leaving The PRI Show in Style!

A huge attraction of the PRI Show each year is having a huge number of insane rides ...

A huge attraction of the PRI Show each year is having a huge number of insane rides on the property to represent the hundreds of vendors on hand for the trade show. With Street Outlaws riding a wave of popularity, the cars from the show are always in high demand, with nearly all of them being in a booth for the weekend.

Shawn Ellington’s new Murder Nova spent the weekend in the Stainless Works booth, and when the show ended and the booths were being torn down, Shawn decided to load up and drive the car out of the expansive Indiana Convention Center. He fired the car up and began the tedious process of maneuvering the car through the gauntlet of the teardown process.

The car, as many of you know, is powered by a wicked ProLine twin turbocharged small block and cranks out a ton of horsepower, but with alcohol fueling the engine, it’s surprisingly drivable since the fuel burns cool and keeps the engine from overheating. Shawn jokes about the fumes, which admittedly are brutal on the eyes and sinuses, helping clear the convention center so he could get out without dealing with people standing in his way.

As he gets the car pointed out the door, he stops so the cameraman can join him in the car for the ride out into the snow, which blanketed Indy on the last day of the show, but the video ends before they get into the slippery white stuff.

The new car, which should be making its debut on the show soon, has already made a splash, laying down some killer passes at Outlaw Armageddon back in August. Despite being brand new and having some minor bugs to work out, the car still looked insanely impressive on the track and should really be a monster on the street when it’s ready to debut on the list.

Leaving PRI 2017 Stainless Works

Posted by Murder Nova on Saturday, December 9, 2017

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